Fun Easter Activities For Kids

Happy Easter!  We have put together a list of fun activities your kids can play on Easter!  Enjoy!


1. Easter egg scavenger hunt

Keep kids busy by sending them on a scavenger hunt for Easter eggs, bunnies and other traditional Easter symbols. Motivate them with a chocolate prize for finding all the items. Give them clues that they have to figure out to find the different things.

2. Bunny race

Another activity that will keep children active and happy is a bunny race. Give them potato sacks and let them have fun running from one end to the other. You can make the race more challenging by having them collect items and put them in their sack as they run towards the finishing line. Smaller kids can use pillow slips if the bags are too big for them.

3. Easter bingo

This is a fun game with the right theme that you can quickly set up so you can get on with other things. All you have to do is download the free printable on your computer then set up the game for endless fun for the young ones.

4. Easter necklace

Kids will be occupied for hours making Easter necklaces. Set them up with beads, plastic bunnies, plastic eggs, jelly beans and other items and a length of a string. They will have fun creating necklaces with different items of different colors and designs.

5. Easter bunny masks

The Easter bunny is another important symbol. Cut paperboard into circular or oval shapes with rabbit ears at the top. Then, punch two holes on the sides then tie a rubber band over the two holes to make a face mask that will stay in place. Lay out paints, brushes, markers and crayons and let the kids enjoy decorating their masks.

6. Easter bowling

Bowling balls are heavy, so most kids are left out of bowling fun. However, there is a way to make it into one of their Easter party activities. Make Easter bunny bowling pins by printing and cutting out and taping an Easter bunny printable onto half a dozen empty 2-liter soda bottles. Set up the pins on one end of the room or garden. Have the first player stand back a distance of six feet back from a marked spot. The player should then use a ball to try and knock down the six pins. Let every child take a turn. Keeping score is optional.

7. Bunny hop

Let the fun go on with the bunny hop. Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a pillow. Smaller children can use a sofa cushion. Have a child from each team put a pillow between their legs and hop from one end of the room or garden to the other. If the child gets across without dropping the pillow, it’s a win for the team. If they drop it, they sit down, and a child from the other team gets a go. The team that gets across most times without dropping their pillow wins.

8. Pass the egg

It is best to use a plastic egg for this one, or there will be a lot of waste and a large mess to clean up afterward. Have all the kids sit down in a circle. Then, put a plastic egg on the feet of one and have them pass it on to the next child only with feet. Drop the egg and you are left of the circle.

Make Your Walls POP! With Kids Wall Decals By Pop & Lolli!

In partnership with this fantastical designer, we bring you this special collectors edition from the very popular Land of Nod Designer, Gingiber by Stacie Bloomfield.

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The Holiday’s Are Almost Here!


The Boys Depot has great gifts for boys!   From exciting boys bedding, to kids room decor, to super fun boys toys.  Each holiday we are successful in helping parents find the perfect gift for their little one from age newborn to teen!

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New Kids Teepees For Play Time, Nap Time, Quiet Time!


Everyone needs a space just for themselves, and kids are no different!  The Boys Depot brings you brand new kids teepees by Olive Kids and they are the perfect getaway for quiet time, naps, or play time!


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Complete His Sports Themed Bedroom!


If your child is sports obsessed he will most certainly love our new collection of sports wall decals!   From football to baseball this collection covers every sport you can think of!   Complete your boys room with a wall decal with your choice of colors to co-ordinate with his bedding and room decor.   Add a personal touch by adding his name!   Our wall decals are easy to put up and take down and will never damage the wall.


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A Diaper Bag With Some Serious Storage!


If you are looking for a diaper bag that offers some serious storage check out the “Double” by Gittabags. Many times parents can’t decide what size of bag they need, sometimes you only need to carry small amount of stuff and sometimes a variety of clothes or food. For these reasons Gittabags developed the Gitta Double that grows sideways using two zippers.  The Double Diaper Bag grows from 21 litres up to 26.

This bag is available in 9 different patterns.  See the Gittabag Double HERE.


2016 Nursery Trend Alert!


Tribal – Aztec themed nurseries are super hot this year!   We think this theme is a natural fit for the nursery.  Arrows evoke an adventurous spirit, Aztec prints add gorgeous color and pattern to the space and teepees are the perfect hideaway for our littlest explorers.   To create a tribal – aztec theme start with a crib bedding set featuring arrows like our new “Tribal Aztec Baby Boy Bedding” and add decorative arrows, teepees, dreamcatchers & wild animals to complete the look.  This theme is so fun to create!


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There’s something about a woodland nursery. There is a warmth and coziness that comes from the nature-inspired decor. With fuzzy animal friends, trees and wooden accents a woodland nursery theme brings the outdoors in.   The best way to get started in creating your nursery, is by selecting a crib bedding set and then finding decor to co-ordinate with the colors in the bedding.   We have a some gorgeous new bedding called “Woodland Forest Friends” at The Boys Depot.  This is a great gender neutral set featuring a whimsical woodland pattern with leaves and adorable squirrels.

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Fox Themed Nursery! The Most Perfect Theme For Baby Boys


Probably one of the most popular trends right now for a boys nursery would be a fox theme ~ And really, it makes sense.   How adorable is a room full of fluffy foxes in bright orange and gray’s.  Start your nursery off with our “Clever As A Fox Crib Bedding Set” and then complete your fox themed nursery with playful shapes and patterns such as a geographic rug, a modern style rocking chair, a woodland or fox wall decal or wall art, a bright orange mirror and perhaps so fox shaped throw pillows!   There is so much you can do and it’s so easy to create this theme!

The Clever As A Fox Crib Bedding Set includes a Quilt, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Crib Sheet, 2 Decorative Pillows and Diaper Stacker.

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New Fun Themed Toddler Bedding For Boys!


Toddler bedding for boys is always a difficult find.   The Boys Depot has a great selection and has just added 6 new bedding sets that include one toddler blanket as well as a co-ordinating sheet set consisting of a fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow case.   Co-ordinating canvas wall art and pillows are also available!   Themes include:  Whales/Ocean, ABC’s/123’s, Robots/Music, Transportation and Sleepy Robots.

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Kids Play Rugs What Could Be More Fun?


Designed to encourage creative play, our Kids Play Rug’s encourage hours of creative play.  These rugs are durable, 100% nylon and backed with non-skid latex.  Our kids rugs co-ordinate with our Olive Kids Bedding Sets including:  Trains/Planes & Trucks, Dinosaur Land as well as Endangered Animals.

Cityscape:   Our Cityscape play rug features all sorts of vehicles – trains, planes, trucks, police cars, taxis, school buses and lots of streets to zoom along. Explore the whole city by road or water. Visit the park, take a trip to the airport, go to the movie theatre, watch some construction, take a taxi across town.


Dinosaur Land:  Our Dinosaur themed Play Rug is a Jurassic adventure designed to encourage creative play! Roads wind through the Dino Park, past habitats for all types of dinosaurs – on land, in water, and in the air. Kids can visit their favorite dinosaur and his pals. Use your child’s own collection of play cars and trucks to zoom along our colorful nylon rug for hours of creative fun.


Farm Land:  Our Farm Land play rug is designed to encourage creative play. Drive through pasture, farmlands and right into town. Visit the garden for fresh vegetables, the dairy cows for milk, and see the sheep and horses grazing in the fields. Next, drive into town to visit the bank, stop at the gazebo, or hop on the train!


Safari Play Rug:  Our Safari Play Rug is designed to encourage creative play. Travel along the roads and paths through various habitats and visit an array of wild animals -lions, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, all in one fun adventure. There are hippos in the water, cheetahs in the grasslands and whales and turtles in the seas. Use your child’s own collection of play cars and trucks to zoom along our colorful nylon rug for hours of creative fun.


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